A Fresh Start

Out with the toxic, in with the fresh.

Many of us fantasise about the proverbial “fresh start” in more ways than one. It might be a different job, a modern renovation, a detox regime, or even a new family house. Happily for us, a fresh start is exactly what we have right here with the launch of our new air conditioning business. A fresh start brings with it renewed enthusiasm and we are looking forward to bringing this energy into our work each day with our customers.

Welcome, North Queensland, to EcoAir Clean!

Where our mission is to help keep our community healthy and comfortable. We service and clean air conditioners for families and businesses from Townsville to Cairns and beyond. And we do this meticulously using precision equipment and the most ecofriendly products we can find. An innovative approach in an evolving market.

With nearly twenty years in the refrigeration and aircon industry, this may not be considered that much of a fresh start, but with EcoAir Clean, we are starting something modern and fresh.

Another familiar way people like to start fresh is with the household spring clean. You know, cleaning out those seldom seen recesses and tossing a shed-full of clutter in the process. We know it all too well as we have been spring cleaning our own home recently, evicting many forgotten bits and bobs. Why not? Fresh start and all that. Anyone want some old ‘90s picture frames? How about some ‘80s music cassettes or VHS videos? Tangent aside, (this is not an alternative to a Gumtree add), It can also be quite a cleansing experience to wash away all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the years and out of sight.

However, surfaces that are much more important to the health of a household, than the bowels of your cupboards, are you guessed it, tucked away deep in your domestic air conditioner. And this is especially the case in Tropical North Queensland where our warm climate and collective love for AC combine to create the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. This mould and slime growth that is often overlooked, (out of sight out of mind) requires regular and careful removal followed by complete sanitisation. If not, the air you breathe and take for granted could literally be making you sick.

Why not consider extending your spring clean ethos to your air conditioners? And start fresh this year by ensuring your air is fresh.

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