When was the last time you had your air conditioners thoroughly deep-cleaned and sanitised?


  • Are your air conditioners making you sick?
  • Do any of your air conditioners smell mouldy or putrid?
  • Do any of your air conditioners leak water inside your home?
  • Are any of your air conditioners blowing less air than they used to?
  • Are you having asthmatic or sinus reactions after running your air conditioners?
  • Do you find yourself turning the controller right down just to get the room cool?
  • Are any of the surfaces inside your air conditioner dirty, slimy or mouldy?
  • Are any of your aircons more than three years old and never been deep-cleaned?
  • Do any of your air conditioners vibrate or rattle noisily?
  • Are your air conditioners less effective than when they were new?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If so, your air conditioners probably require a specialised deep-clean and sanitisation by a licensed professional.

At EcoAir Clean, we clean your air conditioners brilliantly. Guaranteed.


There are three main pillars of the EcoAir Clean service:
Complete mould and build-up removal, using our premium EcoAir Clean system

This first step is the must crucial. Without actually cleaning all of the surfaces within the air conditioner, no amount of harsh chemicals will properly clean and sanitise your air conditioner. This is not a “chemical clean”. This is a premium deep-clean using custom-engineered precision equipment and non-toxic products. We typically flush out twenty-plus-liters of black chunky soup from inside the average air conditioner.

Complete sanitisation and mould kill treatment

Once all internal and external surfaces are spotless, it’s now time to get clinical. We sanitise the air conditioner using our hospital grade, natural bactericidal mould killing spray. This kills over 99% of microbial nasties and as an added bonus, it leaves your air conditioner smelling lovely and clean as well!

Performance check and after-service repairs or replacement as required

With each service, we inspect and monitor your air conditioner whilst in operation, carrying out some simple performance checks. If your air conditioner requires work, basic diagnosis is complimentary and we can facilitate any repairs or replacement as required.

An EcoAir Clean service will correct over 80% of air conditioner faults
Our 100% Results Satisfaction Guarantee:
30 Days no question re-clean

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your results, give us a call within 30 days and we will re-clean your air conditioners until you are 100% happy, no questions asked. No risk, no fuss, no drama.

3 months on bad smells and mould growth

If your air conditioner starts to stink or if you notice mould growth within three months after the date of service, even if it’s not our fault, guess what? Yep. Free clean! Some conditions do apply here though, for example if there are smokers or some pets, but for most of you, that’s a 100% guarantee.

12 months on water leaks and free call-out in the event of any air conditioner fault

If your air conditioner leaks water within 12 months due to drain blockage, we will fix the problem by flushing out your air conditioner at no cost to you. Plus, if you have any issues with your air conditioner within the 12 months following your service, you’ll get a free call-out and basic diagnosis on your air conditioner. Now how’s that for service?

At EcoAir Clean, premium service is our standard.

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